Sunday, July 22, 2012

getting our studio ready in Korea...

Painting over the so-called Museum of Graffiti Art
Seungki Cho and Jonah Whipp repairing our studio furnishings
Almost complete after the painting, repairs, and hanging up some traditional Korean sun blinds
It has taken a lot of time and work to get our studio ready for our artist residency program at MITE UGRO.  The two "artists" before us had turned the studio into what they called a "Museum of Graffiti Art" so we had to use four cans of white paint to cover it all (btw: when one of the graffiti artists got back to the US he was immediately arrested and put in jail, we also saw a news report that they both are wanted on a $10,000 fine for painting graffiti over some other artist's work here in Korea).  Much of the rest of our time has been spent cleaning, figuring out where to purchase items, get relatively decent food that is not too expensive, and even where to get our clothes washed... this has all taking a lot of time and energy, especially in such hot and humid weather everyday (it was only 88 degrees today but the humidity got up to 98%)!!!!

Anyways, only 5 days left to donate to the film we are shooting in Korea!  Spread the word and donate if you can, if we don't reach our goal we don't get anything:  역 Yeok ( The Station)
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