Friday, July 27, 2012

Less than 1/2 hour to go!!!

Artists Night Market Gwangju, South Korea!

The best thing so far about our artist residency program has been to meet the other artists working in Gwangju, South Korea.  MITE UGRO is set within a short of dying old traditional market. The local artists, with some support from the government, has set up a number of artists spaces - galleries, studios, workshop areas, etc., as well as once a month they have this rather exciting night market with art,  handmade crafts, lots of food and drink, Korean traditional drummers, a DJ, emerging bands, etc. (watch the video above).  I was surprised how much it was a real blend of the locals that work in the market everyday and lots of young people, artists, etc.  Since the market is rather slow and kind of depressing usually, it was really encouraging to see how much it could change with some new added energy!

Anyways, less than 2 hours to go on the kickstarter to support our film project.  Donate if you can!  (click here to donate)

Korean cold noodles and 5 hours left to support our film!

Still hot and humid in Korea but we found this popular noodle dish that you mix with ice!
If you missed them, below are links to my past blog posts on the artist residency program in Korea, our film, an our trip to Japan:

Korean film updates

Not sure if you have seen all of these updates on the film we are shooting in Korea so below are links to each of them.  Most updates are by Jonah Whipp but I wrote a few, contributed video and photos, and am in a number of the videos.  ENJOY!


Yang Dong Market ( the station)

Ryu will play the role of Mr. Song

Mr. Lee will play the role of "Man who goes insane"

Buai Mingon Oh will play the role of a scientist in Yeok

Introducing "The Man" Seungki Cho

Thank YOU!!!!!

The studio is ready! (almost)

Special thanks update!

Back in Korea with a new visa. Time to get to work.

Kyoto, Japan

Nara, Japan


Overnight in Seoul, headed to Osaka

Seungki welcomes artist William Andersen to Mite-Ugro

Traveling to Gwangju, South Korea


역 Yeok ( The Station)




Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yang Dong Market

Yesterday Jonah and I toured the Yang Dong market which will be one of the location shots for our film YEOK (the station). Check out Jonah's photos below for a glimpse of what we saw. Only 11 hours left to help support our film. Please spread the word and donate if you can:  (DONATE by clicking here)

  • Image-140725-full
  • Image-140726-full
  • Image-140727-full
  • Image-140728-full
  • Image-140729-full
  • Image-140730-full
  • Image-140731-full
  • Image-140732-full
  • Image-140733-full
All photos by Jonah Whipp

Sunday, July 22, 2012

getting our studio ready in Korea...

Painting over the so-called Museum of Graffiti Art
Seungki Cho and Jonah Whipp repairing our studio furnishings
Almost complete after the painting, repairs, and hanging up some traditional Korean sun blinds
It has taken a lot of time and work to get our studio ready for our artist residency program at MITE UGRO.  The two "artists" before us had turned the studio into what they called a "Museum of Graffiti Art" so we had to use four cans of white paint to cover it all (btw: when one of the graffiti artists got back to the US he was immediately arrested and put in jail, we also saw a news report that they both are wanted on a $10,000 fine for painting graffiti over some other artist's work here in Korea).  Much of the rest of our time has been spent cleaning, figuring out where to purchase items, get relatively decent food that is not too expensive, and even where to get our clothes washed... this has all taking a lot of time and energy, especially in such hot and humid weather everyday (it was only 88 degrees today but the humidity got up to 98%)!!!!

Anyways, only 5 days left to donate to the film we are shooting in Korea!  Spread the word and donate if you can, if we don't reach our goal we don't get anything:  역 Yeok ( The Station)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New video update from the Ryoanji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Kinkaku (The Golden Temple), Kyoto, Japan
Yesterday was an unbelievably hot and humid day in Kyoto. In the morning we dropped off our bags at a zen temple in the northwestern part of the city. We quickly hopped on bikes and rode over to a local sushi restaurant and ate fabulous sushi for only a 100 yen per dish. After lunch we checked out the Kinkaku ( The Golden Pavilion ) and the Ryoanji temple. Watch the new video of me at the Ryoanji Temple, got a little confused in all the heat and humidity and thought we found Yoda's hut! Watch video here:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

video welcome at artist residency, Gwangju, South Korea

Finally made it to Gwangju (kind of magically on 7-7-at 7pm) and moved into the Mite-Ugro artist residency later that night. Check out this video of the art directors Seungki Cho and Mingon Oh welcome me to the gallery: (watch video)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Korea: some of the best food in the world?

First meal in Korea - Haejangguk or "hangover soup," a coke, and kimchi.
Second night - Udon noodles, tea, Korean "sushi" rolls, and kimchi.
Third night - Samgyupsal or Korean pork BBQ, a beer, and of course more kimchi.
The food has been the best part of Korea so far.  Since I have recently been called a bon vivant, I think I can have something to say about good cuisine around the world.  If you asked me a few years ago what are the best destinations that I have been to for good food and drink, my list would be something like:

1. Taiwan
2. Italy
3. Spain
4. Singapore
5. China (would be higher on this list but NOT with all of the food contamination stories)

...but now I would put Korea right up there at number 3 or 4.  I still will be in Korea for almost two more months so let's see what happens...

I am in South Korea doing an artist residency at  Mite Ugro ZaZa. Besides producing an exhibit of new artwork, I will be assisting a friend and former student, Jonah Whipp, create a film. Please pledge to help produce this unique film that could potentially launch our creative careers! Any amount small or big will help and there are rewards for donating too including a Zine, DVD of the final film, and one-of-a-kind artwork by ME! Click on the links for more info:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Artist Residency Program in Korea

street vendors in Daegu, South Korea
Just arrived in South Korea last night, July 2, around 5pm, then took a 4 hour bus ride down to Daegu after about an hour of clearing customs and picking up my luggage at Incheon International Airport. Arrived in Daegu around 10:30pm and met up with my friend and former student Jonah Whipp. He is still teaching English for a few more days so I am sleeping on his floor in his tiny studio apartment until we can both move into the artist residency space at Mite Ugro ZaZa in Gwangu. He is staying longer but my residency runs through September 9th.  We are collaborating on a film, an art exhibition, as well as I am also working on some of my own artwork. 

Click on the link below for more info on our film project:

rad installation at Lynden Sculpture Garden

Best installation art that I have seen in a long long time anywhere!  "Gos Sa Mer" by Santiago Cucullu & Ester Partegas now until July 22, 2012 at the Lynden Sculpture Garden, 2145 W. Brown Deer Rd., Milwaukee, WI. or 414-446-8794