Saturday, April 30, 2011

Iranian Contemporary Artists Exhibit opens Monday, 2nd of May at 7pm

The Dar Al Funoon Gallery showcases Iranian Contemporary Artists in the Exhibition Neither Here Nor There  curated by Simin Deghani.

 The Opening Reception is Monday, 2nd of May at 7pm.

Exhibition hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 10AM - 1PM and 4PM - 8PM
Friday and Saturday: by appointment

Dar al Funoon Gallery
Villa 28, Behbehani Compound
tel: + 965 22 43 31 38

Exhibition Statement:

How do we as humans deal with the displacement, culture shock and denial we feel as a result of immigration? Historically this region has suffered or experienced events, which have led to its people immigrating. This immigration and in some cases, re-immigration, has serious and long-term effects and consequences on the lives of people. They are forced – for various reasons such as war, natural disasters and unsafe domestic conditions – to leave behind their homeland and loved ones for better and safer living conditions in another region or country. In some cases, people still inhabit the same location yet drastic changes within that place can cause a sense of alienation. Some people leave their home for temporary reasons yet upon their return or re-immigration find that they can no longer call that place home and have adapted to their new surroundings. "Neither Here, Nor There" brings together the work of six Iranian artists whom each express the above mentioned psychological and emotional reactions to the environment within which their subjects have suddenly found themselves. Artists exhibiting in this show are Rosita Sharafjahan, Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, Nima Alizadeh, Shantia Zakerameli, Adel Younesi and Afshin Chizari. The show will continue through May 19, 2011.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Images of the Panchen Lama projected on NYC Chinese Consulate!

SFT projects the image of Gedhun Choekyi Nyima on the Chinese Consulate in New York and demands to know his whereabouts. Join the global campaign for his release:

China 'disappeared' Tibet's Panchen Lama

Take Action for Tibet's Panchen Lama, Gendhun Choekyi Nyima who turns 22 years old today:
I don't think you will receive this letter. I know that you're being watched, monitored and controlled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But deep down I have this stubborn hope that maybe you will hear us. Maybe you'll see us typing these words in New York, as you turn 22.

Friday, April 22, 2011

petition for Ai Weiwei's release targeted by cyber attacks from China

crude sculpture of the Grass Mud Horse in Ai Weiwei’s hand
The petition demanding the release of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has nearly 100,000 signatures.  
Here's how we know it's really gotten Beijing’s attention: For the past four days, the website has been repeatedly targeted by cyber attacks coming from China that aim to bring our site down, which would keep people from signing the petition.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FA Gallery opening April 24, 7:30pm

“Identity Turbulences” (2009-2011)

Solo Exhibition of Abed Al Kadiri at FA Gallery. 

The Exhibition is Under the Patronage of Lebanese Ambassador of Kuwait Dr. Bassam Nomani.

Opening Reception Sunday 24 April 2011 at 7:30 pm

BP just scored a $10 billion dollar tax windfall!
As gulf residents cope with the catastrophe that began 1 year ago, BP just scored a $10 billion dollar tax windfall by writing their cleanup and restoration costs off their 2010 taxes. As our government implements massive budget cuts, BP shouldn't be writing off its destruction of our Gulf.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

FA Gallery Opening tonight!

FA Gallery: Please Touch 

FA Gallery and Kuwait Blind Association presents the art exhibition of the Brazilian artist Cristina Portella in addition in display artworks done by members of Kuwait Blind Association.

Exhibition is under the patronage of her Excellency Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Moudhi Al Humoud and with collaboration of the Embassy Brazil in Kuwait represented by His Excellency Brazilian Ambassador Roberto Abdalla

The Opening is Sunday, 17th of April at 7 PM.

The Exhibition will continues till 21st of April, 2011

Address: Sharq, Gulf road, Next to Al Amiri Hospital.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker lied about collective-bargaining law!

Walker: Collective-bargaining law doesn’t save money

Remember how Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was insisting that his controversial law to end collective bargaining for most public employees was needed to help save money and balance the budget?
Well, he's now acknowledging that's not exactly true.

During testimony before the House Oversight and Government Affairs committee in Washington, Walker, a Republican, was badgered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) about how much money his law would actually save, reports the Capitol Times of Madison. The topic of the hearing, after all, was state and municipal debt, so Kucinich wondered how the collective bargaining law was relevant.
After some hemming and hawing by Walker, Kucinich asked flat out: "How much money does it save Gov. Walker? Just answer the question."

"It doesn't save any," Walker responded.

Last month, the effort by Walker and Wisconsin Republican legislators to pass the collective bargaining measure brought thousands of protesters to the state Capitol for weeks. The bill ultimately passed, but is on hold after Democrats challenged the procedure used for passing it.
Walker and Republicans have said that the law is needed to help reduce public-sector pensions and benefits that they see as lavish, and balance the budget. Democrats and unions have said they're willing to negotiate on those issues, and see the law as an effort to curb the political power of the labor movement.

And it looks Walker just bolstered their case.

original story here:  Walker: Collective-bargaining law doesn’t save money

(Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Capitol Hill, April 14, 2011.: J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

another petiton to free Ai Weiwei!

Hi friend,

Have you heard about Ai Weiwei’s detainment? China’s most famous contemporary artist was taken into custody by Chinese officials as part of a wider effort to crackdown on dissent.

Free Ai Weiwei. »

At Care2, we care deeply about freedom of speech, and we work to free those who've been jailed for nothing more than the peaceful expression of this human right.

That's why we're drawing your attention to a petition created by the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation on behalf of Ai Weiwei.

Below is a message from Bianca Jagger herself about the petition:

“We must stand with Ai Weiwei and with all those who have been unjustly detained. Please sign The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation's petition urging the Chinese government to step up to its global leadership position and stop the persecution of political critics and attempts to erase them from the Internet."

"As Ai Weiwei himself expressed, human rights should be universal, and these rights should include the freedom of expression. If enough of us take action now, we can make sure that Chinese voices of freedom are not silent forever.”

Join us in calling on the Chinese government to release Ai Weiwei. »

Thanks for taking action!


Take action link:

Please sign the petition to free Ai Weiwei!

New siege on Tibetan Monastery by Chinese military forces

3 shots fired at monk at Kirti Monastery after protest in 27/2/2009
PLA solders surround Kirti Monastery on 24/3/2010
Appeal by His Holiness the Dalai Lama expressing concern on the situation at Kirti Monastery in Ngaba, northeastern Tibet
The current situation prevailing at Kirti Monastery in Ngaba in northeastern Tibet is extremely grim because of the stand-off between the Chinese military forces and the local Tibetans...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ai Weiwei and the Artist's Role in China

Ai Weiwei in Tiananmen Square in 2009 (the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre)

Ai Weiwei and the Artist's Role in China - Room for Debate ...

12 Apr 2011 ... What does the detention of one of China's most celebrated artists say about art as a form of social critique?

Exhibit at Kuwait Museum of Modern Arts

Art Exhibition of Italian artist Enzo Manara
Genesis: Informal Universe at the Museum of Modern Arts in Kuwait.
The Opening Ceremony is Tuesday 12th of April, 2011 at 7 - 7.30 PM
This event is under the Patronage of General Secretary of National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters Mr. Ali Al Yoha

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Controversial Exhibit Opening April 12th at the Sultan Gallery

Monira Al Qadiri "The Tragedy of Self" exhibition
12th to 14th April 2011 at Sultan Gallery

Exhibition Concept:

When defining the temperament of recent times, the concept of the 'Self' is an important one. The Self is taught to be glorified and worshiped; creating a system that can render one indifferent to others. During this process, one can become more and more isolated from the world, coming to experience certain emptiness: an emptiness that arises from the futile attempt of attaining an idealized version of self.

In this series of works, this tragic cycle of narcissism is expressed through the use of photographic self-portraits; many of them being saint-like and androgynous, with melancholic expressions, fragmented into many parts. By actively participating in the conceptual structure of her work, the artist wishes to convey that she too is not outside the cycle, reinforcing the sense of vulnerability by posing herself as the tragic subject.

About the Artist: 

Monira Al Qadiri is a Kuwaiti artist born in Senegal in 1983. For the past ten years she has been living in Japan where she studied fine arts and completed her PhD at Tokyo University of Arts. This exhibition will be her first solo show in Kuwait since she left for Japan, and is a culmination of her work from the past two years.

Opening tonight at Gallery Tilal!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ai Weiwei still missing 24 hours after detained by Chinese police...

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei missing 24 hours after being held at Beijing airport

One of China's most celebrated and internationally recognised artists has been detained in Beijing by police and has now been missing for 24 hours. Ai Weiwei, who designed the impressive Bird's Nest stadium for the Chinese capital's 2008 Olympic Games, ...

New record for Chinese contemporary art!

A three-panel oil painting titled "Forever Lasting Love" by artist Zhang Xiaogang has sold for 79m Hong Kong dollars (£6.3m) - a record auction price for Chinese contemporary art.
Triptych sets Chinese art record
A three-panel oil painting by artist Zhang Xiaogang sells for 79m Hong Kong dollars (£6.3m) - a record auction price for Chinese contemporary art.