Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Tibetan monk dies in China protest

Tibetan monks at a Buddhist ceremony. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty
In the latest deadly Tibetan protest against Chinese rule, an 18-year-old Buddhist monk set himself on fire outside his monastery in Sichuan Province, a Tibetan support group said.

Monday, February 20, 2012

One night only art exhibit for Hayatt Breast Cancer Foundation

One night only event on Tuesday, February 21, 6-9PM
15% of all paintings proceeds will be donated to Hayatt Breast Cancer Foundation
"Memoirs" by Kuwaiti artist Amira Behbehani

Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Pop Art Paintings" exhibit opens tomorrow in Kuwait!

Please check out the "Pop Art Paintings" exhibit by one of AUK's best art students, Shahad Al-Terkait:
The entrance to Salwa al Sabah Hall is on the Gulf Road after the Hard Rock Cafe, if you were coming from AUK going towards Kuwait city.  It is huge so you cannot miss it!

Another Tibetan monk dies in anti-Chinese protest, hundreds detained...

Another Tibetan monk, Tamchoe Sangpo, dies in anti-Chinese protest  - Reuters/Carlos Barria
A Tibetan monk died after setting fire to himself Friday, another sign of the trouble in China’s western border region.  

China Detains Tibetans After Trip to India, Rights Group Says
Several hundred Tibetans who had attended teaching sessions overseen by the Dalai Lama were being forced to undergo political re-education, Human Rights Watch said.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

18-year-old Tibetan nun set herself on fire – twenty secondth Tibetan since March last year – in desperate protests against China

A Tibetan nun has set herself on fire – twenty secondth Tibetan since March last year – in desperate protests against China. 
Tenzin Choedron, 18-year-old, nun at Mamae nunnery, Ngaba, Kham, set herself on fire at 6 pm today, February 11.

World’s biggest buyer of contemporary art?

A leading art paper has called the tiny peninsula the world’s biggest buyer of contemporary art, spending around a billion dollars since 2005.
Takashi Murakami’s exhibition “Ego” opens at the Qatar Museum.
From the $250mn purchase of Cezanne's The Card Players to investment in Takashi Murakami's Ego exhibit - first in Versailles and now Doha - Qatar's elite are spending hundreds of millions of in making the country a world-class destination.

Friday, February 10, 2012

More Deaths and Anti-Chinese Protests in Tibet

A Tibetan woman outside a monastery in the Sichuan province of China. Photograph: David Gray/Reuters  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/09/another-monk

Chinese security forces shot and killed two Tibetans on Thursday who had been involved in antigovernment protests, the American broadcaster Radio Free Asia reported.

The latest report brings the total number of Tibetans who have taken their lives to protest Chinese rule since March 2009 to 20.  

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Nov 04, 2011
Tibetans-in-exile hold placards showing the monks who had set themselves on fire to protest against the Chinese rule in Tibet during a protest march in Dharamshala. (AFP Photo/Lobsang Wangyal) ...
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Mar 26, 2009
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peru update: National Protest in defense of Water planned for 9th and 10th February!

After re-posting about what I thought was good news: New rainforest and indigenous reserve established ... I had my parade rained on by someone much more familiar with the region.  She believes this is "just a smart PR move to turn the attention away from the ongoing and escalating conflict around the gargantuan mining operations in the Cajamarca Province. There, an access to fresh water is at stake. Apparently, people in the city have only access to water 1-2 hrs a day and the situation in the rural areas is often much more dramatic. National Protest in defense of Water is planned for 9th and 10th February."

I guess we need to be suspicious of all "good news" when "millions of dollars from the multinationals might be involved"  (it still must be "good" in someway though since another very large track of the Amazon has become a nature reserve (that also importantly connects to other reserves), no????).  But of course my heart is with the marchers!

"Beginning of the Water March" from:  http://globalvoicesonline.org/2012/02/07/peru-following-the-great-water-march/
Here is a link to the group's webpage:  Marcha Nacional del Agua

And a link to decent info in English:  http://globalvoicesonline.org/2012/02/07/peru-following-the-great-water-march/

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New rainforest and indigenous reserve established in Peru!!!

I love good news!

On February 4th, the Peruvian government and a small indigenous group created a new Amazon reserve, dubbed the Maijuna Reserve. Located in northeastern Peru, the 390,000 hectare (970,000 acres) reserve is larger than California's Yosemite National Park and over three times the size of Hong Kong.

Monday, February 6, 2012

3 Tibetans Self-Immolate in Anti-Chinese Protest

Since March 2011, as many as 19 Tibetans have set fire to themselves in Tibet; 7 since 6 January 2012. There was a further self-immolation in 2009.  http://standupfortibet.org/
The latest cases bring the total self-immolations by ethnic Tibetans over the past year to 19.  

Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Damning Evidence Points to Pesticide as Cause of Mass Bee Deaths

More Damning Evidence Points to Pesticide as Cause of Mass Bee Deaths
A new study published in Naturwissenschaften - The Science of Nature by a leading bee expert provides damning evidence that a widely used pesticide, even at low levels, is responsible for the recent catastrophic decline in honey bees. Dr. Jeff Pettis of the USDA's Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsvil...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lot's of big art events going in Qater - want to visit again soon!

A video teaser to Takashi Murakami's first solo exhibition in the Middle East. Murakami - EGO will be on view from February 9 to June 24, 2012 in the Al-Riwaq exhibition hall, located on the grounds of the Museum of Islamic Art on Doha's Corniche. The exhibition will immerse visitors in a fantasy world conceived by the renowned Japanese artist, capturing the way Murakami channels the ecstasy and anxiety of contemporary culture.
Behind the scenes with Takashi Murakami as he and his Kaikai Kiki team prepare to launch his first exhibition in Middle East. Opens 9 FEB 2012. For more info...
www.galleristny.com/2012/01/9597/ - Cached
The first solo survey of the work of Louise Bourgeois in the Middle East will open tomorrow at the Qatar Museum Authority Gallery. The show will “contextualize” ...

One of my favorite artists now has a solo show up in Qatar! I believe Doha's Mathaf, the Arab Museum of Modern Art, is really smart in bringing in a big name artist from outside the region, but also just as importantly, not the typical Western artist. I like Cai Guo-Qiang because he consistently comes up with thoughtful but unconventional ways to talk about his own heritage as well as historical and contemporary global trade and exchange. His artwork is smart but fun and easily appreciated by a larger audience. I hope to go soon!

Qatar has purchased a Paul C├ęzanne painting, The Card Players, for more than $250 million. The deal, in a single stroke, sets the highest price ever paid for a work of art and upends the modern art market. If the...

Jul 20, 2011
You may know Qatar as the home of Al Jazeera but this small kingdom in the Persian Gulf is a major contemporary art buyer, according to Art Newspaper. see also: more on Qatar as the world's biggest contemporary art buyer ...
Jul 20, 2011
Qatar as the world's biggest contemporary art buyer · www.artkuwait.org. see also: World's Biggest Contemporary Art Buyer? Qatar! Posted by William Andersen at 2:15 PM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to ...
Jun 15, 2011
Who's Afraid of Ai Weiwei? - Doha, Qatar. I got permission to put this "Who's Afraid of Ai Weiwei?" poster up in this little shop: Posted by William Andersen at 5:31 AM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook ...

CAP Kuwait to host print and mixed media classes with Thuraya Al Baqsami

Thuraya Al Baqsami was born in Kuwait in 1951 and is a dedicated artist and writer. She is a best known for her colourful paintings and prints that tackle women’s issues and include folkloric elements from a number of cultures....