Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peru update: National Protest in defense of Water planned for 9th and 10th February!

After re-posting about what I thought was good news: New rainforest and indigenous reserve established ... I had my parade rained on by someone much more familiar with the region.  She believes this is "just a smart PR move to turn the attention away from the ongoing and escalating conflict around the gargantuan mining operations in the Cajamarca Province. There, an access to fresh water is at stake. Apparently, people in the city have only access to water 1-2 hrs a day and the situation in the rural areas is often much more dramatic. National Protest in defense of Water is planned for 9th and 10th February."

I guess we need to be suspicious of all "good news" when "millions of dollars from the multinationals might be involved"  (it still must be "good" in someway though since another very large track of the Amazon has become a nature reserve (that also importantly connects to other reserves), no????).  But of course my heart is with the marchers!

"Beginning of the Water March" from:
Here is a link to the group's webpage:  Marcha Nacional del Agua

And a link to decent info in English:

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