Saturday, April 30, 2011

Iranian Contemporary Artists Exhibit opens Monday, 2nd of May at 7pm

The Dar Al Funoon Gallery showcases Iranian Contemporary Artists in the Exhibition Neither Here Nor There  curated by Simin Deghani.

 The Opening Reception is Monday, 2nd of May at 7pm.

Exhibition hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 10AM - 1PM and 4PM - 8PM
Friday and Saturday: by appointment

Dar al Funoon Gallery
Villa 28, Behbehani Compound
tel: + 965 22 43 31 38

Exhibition Statement:

How do we as humans deal with the displacement, culture shock and denial we feel as a result of immigration? Historically this region has suffered or experienced events, which have led to its people immigrating. This immigration and in some cases, re-immigration, has serious and long-term effects and consequences on the lives of people. They are forced – for various reasons such as war, natural disasters and unsafe domestic conditions – to leave behind their homeland and loved ones for better and safer living conditions in another region or country. In some cases, people still inhabit the same location yet drastic changes within that place can cause a sense of alienation. Some people leave their home for temporary reasons yet upon their return or re-immigration find that they can no longer call that place home and have adapted to their new surroundings. "Neither Here, Nor There" brings together the work of six Iranian artists whom each express the above mentioned psychological and emotional reactions to the environment within which their subjects have suddenly found themselves. Artists exhibiting in this show are Rosita Sharafjahan, Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, Nima Alizadeh, Shantia Zakerameli, Adel Younesi and Afshin Chizari. The show will continue through May 19, 2011.
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