Friday, July 27, 2012

Artists Night Market Gwangju, South Korea!

The best thing so far about our artist residency program has been to meet the other artists working in Gwangju, South Korea.  MITE UGRO is set within a short of dying old traditional market. The local artists, with some support from the government, has set up a number of artists spaces - galleries, studios, workshop areas, etc., as well as once a month they have this rather exciting night market with art,  handmade crafts, lots of food and drink, Korean traditional drummers, a DJ, emerging bands, etc. (watch the video above).  I was surprised how much it was a real blend of the locals that work in the market everyday and lots of young people, artists, etc.  Since the market is rather slow and kind of depressing usually, it was really encouraging to see how much it could change with some new added energy!

Anyways, less than 2 hours to go on the kickstarter to support our film project.  Donate if you can!  (click here to donate)
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