Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nicholas Kristof and Ai Weiwei on Chen Guangcheng

Below is what another real life hero, Nicholas Kristof, says about Chen Guangcheng:

This man, Chen Guangcheng, is extraordinary -- a blind human rights activist in China who has been brutally mistreated and beaten while under house arrest. Now he has escaped and is said to be hiding in the US Embassy in Beijing. The problem is he's stuck there: the Chinese police can't enter to arrest him, but he can't leave the Embassy grounds for fear of renewed arrest and torture. I hope no one in the US government would ever think of ordering Chen to leave. Don't even think it!

Click on the New York Times article below for more on this story and what Ai Weiwei and others have to say about Chen Guangcheng:
If Chen Guangcheng, a human rights lawyer who fled house arrest on Friday, is in the American Embassy in Beijing, the White House is likely to be cautious in handling his case.

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