Sunday, April 8, 2012

7pm Monday 9th April @ Dar Al Funoon

Dar Al Funoon cordially invites you to an exhibition by premier glass artist

Jean-Claude Novaro

Opening at 7pm on Monday 9th April in the presence of the artist

and continuing through to Monday 16th April, 2012

Born in Antibes, France in 1943; Jean-Claude Novaro is today recognized as one of the greatest glass blowers of our time. His unique and distinctive art-glass creations are highly prized and sought after by art connoisseurs world-wide. The acclaim and success Novaro enjoys today didn't come easily. Novaro's hard-earned skills and artistic genius, combined with an unwavering drive and determination have made Jean-Claude one of the premier glass artists in the world.

Novaro began his lifelong passion for glass in 1957 when he apprenticed at a glassworks in France when he was only 14 years old. Novaro is known today in the glass community not only for his amazing technical and artistic abilities but for his constant search for new ways to stretch the capacity of glass. Jean-Claude has invented new techniques, like his hand painting in between layers of glass and his magique collection, that leave people mystified and in awe. He is also a traditionalist in his insistance on working alone, letting every piece be a
creation of his own gifted hands.
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