Monday, January 31, 2011

message from an Egyptian friend:

Save Egyptian Blood Prevent the hidden forces from suppress the revolution. Egyptians are determined to force Mubarak to leave. The situation will get worse, there are reports of closure of the port of Alexandria and the Suez Canal might be closed, which would have a bad effect on the global economy there are calls for civil disobedience and million-person march, people slept in Altahrir square and regrouping now. What happened in Tunisia is not a model for the region’s regimes and certainly it is not like Iran. Egypt is huge, almost 10 times the size of Tunisia in terms of land mass and with a population of nearly 83 million people. Cairo’s greater metropolitan area alone is double the size of the entire country of Tunisia. And, perhaps more importantly, Egypt’s population is far from homogeneous. Most Egyptians are Sunni Muslims, there is a significant Coptic population that makes up nearly 10 percent of the population.

Non-Egyptians need to share this message with their friends and families in their home countries to pressure their government to support the Egyptian revolution and persuade Mubarak to save the Egyptian blood and leave in peace.

Change is coming inevitably, People need to stand by each other, if this does not happen it will create repugnance. Moreover, it will have a bad effect on international relationships and the global economy in the long run.
Israel's Haaretz newspaper, citing senior Israeli officials, reported Monday that Israel is urging the world to tone down Mubarak criticism during Egypt's unrest to preserve stability in the region. Senior Israeli officials said that on Saturday night the Foreign Ministry issued a directive to arou
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