Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sultan Gallery opening TONIGHT!

Mixed Media by Mahmud Obaidi

The 'flying' Iraqi-Canadian artist Mahmud Obaidi's new exhibition offers viable alternatives to a post-globalized art world where local singularities often contribute to a still legitimized Western centre.

The show reunites the "Compact Home" (2003) and "Disposable Home" projects (2004) and more recent work: "How Not to Look Like a Terrorist" (which will be shown at LTMH Gallery in New York this month), and the "Fair Skies®" project that has received critical and public acclaim in Art Dubai 2010. On this rare opportunity in Kuwait, the viewer will get the chance to judge how one artist can coincide contemporary conceptual work with aesthetic and formal art making.

Obaidi's work addresses themes of 'flight' linking through his art the different meanings of the term; from that of the perpetual flight of a hyphenated Middle-Eastern artist with no place to call his own, to that of 'flying while Arab' and the racial profiling of a man boarding a KLM flight (aka the "Flying Dutchman"). Now that's irony for you, not to mention word play, a bit of art on the side.

Artist: Mahmud Al Obaidi
Title of Exhibition: Compact Home
Exhibition Dates & Timing : May 11th – June 3rd
Opening without artist (artist could not get VISA!) : May 11th: 7-9pm
May 12th: 10am – 4pm & 7-9pm
May 13th - June 3rd: 10am – 4pm

Venue: Sultan Gallery
South Sabhan , Block 8, Street 105
Tel : +965 24714325 Ext 110
Fax : +965 24714301
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