Saturday, May 1, 2010


...when I mention that I am traveling to Oman, every Arab person tells me to be careful since Oman is filled with magic - jinn that can walk in the air and turn into animals... Nizwa and Bahla, that we just drove through tonight to get here to Ibri, are supposedly the center of this magic...

...if you look carefully at my second photo that I shot of one of the mosques in Nizwa, you see strange colorful lights flying around... at first I thought they were street lights but, no, you can see a street light or two, but they are closer to the ground... (theme music to the X-files plays here)

...if you look carefully at my last photo, you can see that the toilet in my Oman hotel room has no seat as well as no toilet paper... I guess they do things different here... (theme music to the X-files plays here) (also, this was not just like this in my room but also my colleague's room and all of the student rooms...)

...below is link to a pretty interesting story from a recent traveler that catches some of the mystery and flavor of Oman.  Enjoy!

Oman: The Jinn Of Nizwa Souk

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