Sunday, September 22, 2013

In the AUK News!

A group photo for AUK faculty and staff (from Left): Raymond Farrin, Associate Professor of Arabic; Asmaa Al Kanan, Library Director; Antonia Stamos, Assistant Professor of Art History; Pellegrino Luciano, Assistant Professor of Anthropology; William Andersen, Assistant Professor of Studio Arts / Graphic Design; and Stephanie Cheng, Assistant Professor of Music

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As part of Kuwait's celebration of Global Peace Day, an exhibition entitled 'In the Name of Peace' is showcasing interpretations of 'peace' by local and international artists. The exhibition is being held at the Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) and is featuring pieces by AUK Graphic Design Professors Maryam Hosseinnia and William Andersen, as well as pieces by AUK alumnus Faisal Mohammad. 

'In the Name of Peace' was launched on September 15th and will run through to mid-October. Part of the proceeds collected from sold items will be donated to Khair Al-Kuwait, a non-profit foundation devoted to the concept of volunteerism, and Loyac, a non-profit organization working towards the overall development of the youth. The celebration of Global Peace Day also includes live music and activities for children, which will be held at the CAP Kuwait Warehouse on September 21st, starting at 5:30pm, as well as a 'Global Peace Ride' by the Kuwait Riders and Phoenician Riders from Costa Bedai on September 20th at 4:00pm. 

The AUK Art and Graphic Department invites you to participate and the name of peace. 
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