Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bipartisan report says tops US officials to blame for 'cruel and inhuman' treatment of detainees

The first shipment of 20 prisoners arrived at Guantánamo on January 11, 2002 [GALLO/GETTY]
Bipartisan report says tops officials to blame for 'cruel and inhuman' treatment of detainees. A new report looking into the torture of detainees in the US after September 11, 2001 attack has said intelligence officers and military forces practiced torture. The US military detention centre at Guantanamo Bay is the symbol of everything the country has done wrong since the September 11 attacks, according to a bipartisan group of former officials and academics. The group, which reviewed US detention and rendition practices, has concluded that US interrogators committed torture while questioning detainees, and there is no proof the torture gave authorities any information to prevent future attacks. Seasoned interrogators have confirmed the report finding that harsh interrogation techniques were ineffective and there was no rational for their use, whether practical or moral. | Watch Rosiland Jordan's report from Capitol Hill here:
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