Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sharjah Art Foundation exhibit opening tonight at 8pm, works by Heman Chong, Dirk Fleischmann and Jun Yang

Join the Sharjah Art Foundation tonight at 8pm, Bait Al Shamsi, Arts Area, Sharjah for the opening of Pilot Micro Multiplex | Mall - an exhibition of works by Heman Chong, Dirk Fleischmann and Jun Yang that transform Bait Al Shamsi into a small shopping centre or 
micro mall. Combining the cultural and commercial - two apparently conflicting perspectives on value - this show addresses aspects of production, distribution and reception to reflect on the roles of presentation and promotion in contemporary artistic practices.

Pilot Micro Multiplex│Mall will consist of three projects: two working shops (Dirk Fleischmann's 'myconceptstore' and Heman Chong's 'LEM1' Science Fiction and Fantasy bookshop) and a proposal for an open-air gathering and screening space by Jun Yang. Together these interventions will emphasize the juxtaposition of an exhibition space with a commercial space as a means of questioning conviviality and value in relation to understandings of public space, cultural engagement, and commerce.

Opening Events include:

Paris Syndrome: screening of Jun Yang’s short film with an introduction by the artist

Stop Show: Open to everyone! Sign up on arrival to participate in Dirk Fleischmann’s game show where contestants compete to be the 
best at timing 10 seconds.

For more info:  Sharjah Art Foundation
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