Thursday, January 21, 2010

Links for pictures and the curatorial from the exhibition Contact*Connect*Collaborate

January 10 – February 14, 2010
Curated by Beth Hart & Vera Scekic
Jordan Martins, Joaozito, Lanussi Pasquali * Corinne Rhodes & Guadalupe Victorica * Michele Feder-Nadoff & Kanaan Kanaan * David Carlson, Betsy Stewart, Ashraf Fouad * Chris Lawson & Leang Seckon * Mary Hark & Gabriel Boakye * Jin Soo Kim & Bo Hyung Kim * William Andersen & Maryam Hosseinnia

Contact*Connect*Collaborate explores the nature of international artist collaborations in a world made permeable by modern communications, technology and travel. Artists from around the world are connecting with their American counterparts in order to examine political, philosophical, sociological and historical issues from both particular and global perspectives. The formats of these artist collaborations vary widely, encompassing video, mixed media installations, performance, prints and textile works. The resulting projects point up the possibilities of creative collaboration without negating the real differences in cultures and situations and express the artists’ deep desire to make human connections in a complex world.
Click here for a downloadable pdf of the exhibition curatorial

Click here for a gallery slideshow of the opening and installation images

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